Firstnet certified and highly skilled engineers can be booked at short notice to attend to your office to help you to install, repair and trouble shoot any computer related issues such as hardware and software, printers, Internet or network related problem.

Our services include:

• Onsite Visits
• Engineer Call-Out
• Computer Repair
• Mac Repair
• Laptop Repair
• PC Repair
• Printer repair
Computer hardware & software and printer services
IT Cleaning
Firstnet provides IT cleaning services for Comms Room, Server Rooms, Data Centres, PC and IT Equipment. We provide a professional and unobtrusive IT and data center cleaning services to customers at their premises, throughout the UK.

Our IT clearing services:
• Comms Room Cleaning
• Internal Server Equipment Cleaning
• Technical Cleaning
• Protecting IT Equipment
• PC Cleaning
• IT Hardware Auditing
• Preventative Maintenance
• Data Centre Cleaning Standard
• Rack clearing
• Internal Routers Equipment Cleaning
• Internal Switches Equipment Cleaning
• Internal Storages Equipment Cleaning
Sectors we work with:

• Local Authority
• Retail and Commerce     
• Media and Marketing
• Building and Refurbishment
• Education
• Hotels and Leisure
• Government sectors
Data Centre
Data Centres are the heart of your business, the most important and backbone of your organisation's Infrastructure, this mission critical environment represents a large investment for most companies. Therefore, Data Centre operation, maintenance and cleaning are the most crucial and cost effective way for most companies.

Firstnet Systems offers consultancy and creates plans and schedules to Implement, relocate or consolidate data centres. Our data centre assessment begins your company’s requirements physical and functional. We provide services to your data centre Installation challenges to create reliable and cost-effective solutions.
Firstnet systems data centre services include:

• Data Centre Transformation Design, Implementation and building service
• Data Centre support and maintenance
• Infrastructure analysis
• Data Centre consolidation Relocating
• Data Centre cleaning
• Staging service
• Raking and staking
• Installation
• Decommissioning
• Engineering and permitting
• Multi-vendor Cabling systems (Power, Fiber, stack modules, Cat 5e/6)
We are Cisco qualified and experts in routing, switching, VOIP and security. We provide contract IT support, Installation, deployments, maintenance and trouble shooting for office networks as well as consultancy on your infrastructure. Our expertise in the field of networking allows us to customise and implement networking solutions for any network deployment.

Firstnet Network Implementation Services include the following service categories:

• Site Survey
• Site Engineering
• Project and Logistics Management
• Racking and Stacking
• Installation
• Configuration
• Routing & Switching
• Staging
• Testing
• Furnishing of Installation Materials
• Integration
• Decommissioning
• Equipment Removal
• Cabling

Managed WAN - connect brunch offices location to a private network to deliver data, voice and applications via an uncongested and secured network with tailored bandwidth.
VPN - create your private network over a public network between your locations. Firstnet VPN solution allows costumer to securely extend their LANs over the Internet by encrypting the data traffic. It creates the ideal infrastructure for providing a secure method for the exchange of data and network resources with employees, partners, suppliers and business associates
LAN Services - Firstnet LAN services cover all your networking requirements from a fully managed LAN to just some new hardware installation.
Business WiFi - installing wireless access points providing both corporate and guest access, alongside enhanced services such as mobility and remote working.
Business Internet - our consultancy to provide a range of connectivity options, including ADSL, FTTP, SDSL, Ethernet and Leased Lines.
Firstnets’ ISO/IEC and ITIL-compliant IT Support & Maintenance Service offers multiple and various options to meet these challenges, which can be provided independently or as part of a total Managed Service. Our Security cleared engineers are manufacturer accredited and we aim for an optimise IT solution to minimise business disruption.

We have a flexible approach and our pricing model allows charges to be inventory, activity, and resource or frequency-based.

We cover full range of IT products and equipment, including Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Data Centre Servers, Enterprise and Storage equipment. We provide design, implementation, installation and maintenance of Network and data centres.
Firstnet consultancy and management services are including:

• IT Management & Security
• Project management and consultancy
• Network Infrastructure
• Data centre consultancy
• Data Storage
• Computer Systems
• Internet connectivity
• Remote access and managed firewalls
• Virtualisation
• Cloud Computing
• Business Continuity
• Software & Licensing
'Managed IT services, Maintenance, Support and Consultancy