Firstnet provides consultancy for Implementation, Installation, support and project plan for enterprises’ data centre, IT Infrastructures and networking solution.

The enterprise sectors can be any of following sectors:

• Banking and Finance
• Telecom
• Education
• Healthcare
• Transportation
• Insurance
Small Businesses
Whether you are a small business and thinking about creating your IT structure or if you already have an IT system in place but thinking about upgrading your network and IT design in order to make it more efficient through your computer network, we are here to help you to get the most of your business IT system.

We understand that small business are price and time sensitive. Our constancy team offers advice on your business IT design. Our team carefully assess the expected functionally of your IT infrastructure and provide a tailored action plan according to your business needs and expectations.
Public Sector organizations nowadays are faced with challenges, simultaneously, and from all directions. The expectation from them is that they must be innovative in their approach to services. They are being asked to meet the growing demand for services, and deliver them in a manner most convenient to the citizen. At the same time, mandated cost savings translates into shrinking IT budgets. There is constant pressure on governments to do more with less, faster, and more securely.

Firstnet systems consultants work with government state and local agencies. Our engineers are SC cleared and certified for government projects.